From Expert Scientific Consulting to Contract Research

Expert consulting in analysis of archaeological artefacts and art works to provide provenance identification and production technology information.

Scientific analysis with advanced Transmission Electron Microscopy techniques (STEM-EDS, EELS, 3D electron diffraction tomographs, ASTAR phase / orientation mapping) and SEM Catodoluminiscence (SEM-CL) for the detailed characterization of metal, alloys, ceramics, glass, pigments, minerals and mortars.

Support to Academics / Research Groups / Archaeological Schools and Ephorates aiming to provide detailed physicochemical characterization of archaeological artifacts, complementary / alternative to Synchrotron sources.

Use of quasi-non destructive techniques requiring micro sampling; results within turn overtime of 4-6 weeks after sample reception.


The company is located in Kalamata, Greece and is sharing facilities and scientific instrumentation with Laboratory of Archaeometry (University of Peloponese, Greece) through collaboration agreements.

Art e solutions has direct access to Scanning Electron Microscope SEM-EDS , Raman spectroscopy, X-Ray fluorescence and a  state of  the art Transmission Electron Microsope with  unique 3D electron diffraction tomography possibility.

Through an extensive  network of collaborations in  Greece & Europe, the company has also access to powder X-Ray diffraction, SEM-CL, advanced TEM instrumentation (TEM-STEM-EELS-EDX 200/300 Kev) and  specialized specimen preparation techniques (ion thinning/ FIB)